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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Riders Choice Awards - nominations are now open
Are you tired of awards handed out by industry insiders? We are.
Motorcycle Bloggers International (an association of, you guessed it,
riders who blog about motorcycling) decided it was time that the riding
public have a chance to express their opinions. So we created the
Riders Choice awards. This is your opportunity to nominate and
vote for your choices for the best and worst in the motorcycling
world for 2006.There are various categories for events, actions
by a person or group and new products. Some examples:
A rider’s dream - The dream ride, tour or event that given enough
time and money you most want to experience.* Object of lust - The
production motorcycle of any model year that is desired above all
others.* Thumbs up - The person or organization who during 2006,
made the most significant contribution to motorcycling.* Best new
in 2006 every day motorcycle - The production motorcycle most
suited to commuting that was first delivered to dealers in 2006.
* What were they thinking? - The new in 2006 concept or
production motorcycle, related product or other idea that is the
worst idea of 2006.Head on over to to see all
the categories, view nominations already entered and submit
your nominations. Join us in letting the industry know what we,
the riders, think. While you are there, sign up for an email
reminder notice that will be sent when voting for the awards
begins in February. Help us make this awards program a success.
Nominate and vote.

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