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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Fred Kunkel
October 5, 1950-January 1, 2007
Champion Swimmer
Cable Splicer
Motorcycle Enthusiest
Best Buddy
Dad and GrandDad again
1/2 of the Fred and Mo Show
Built his dream at KSL
We Love You.
(Fred says "OY!")

Fred Kunkel passed away on the eve of seeing the dream he had conceived with Mo, borne out of their dream to own a motorcyclist campground, a place where all riders would be welcome.

In 2006 I turned off Hwy 28 in Stecoah, NC, and into the seven acre Kickstand lodge . I was immediately struck by what a perfect place they had picked. I met Fred briefly that afternoon, and remember thinking later that I would go back and do a story on the man and his dream. We all have dreams, but Fred and Mo acted on theirs, and their dream became a home away from home for riders in the heart of some of the greatest riding country between the oceans.

That story is not to be, but the dream has not died. Mo is carrying it on, and through her, one man's vision will live on.

Mo has taken up the reins, and with help from riders near and far, many members of VROC, she is looking forward to the third year of operation with a few moving additons.

Fred had spoken of wanting a Rider Memorial down by the creek, and a garden, and perhaps a memorial tree. All three will be inaugurated at the KSL weekend in June. There will be a plaque embedded on a stone that was removed from the stream, a memorial garden, and a Motorcyclist Memorial tree--an art sculpture where tags can be placed to memorialize fallen bikers.

Fred and Mo met at a spaghetti dinner in Minnesota in 2002, and it was on thier rides to Key West and Alaska that that the concept of the Kickstand Lodge evolved.

"We wanted a place that would take care of motorcyclist's wants and needs", she says.
They bought the seven acre property off rte Hwy 28 in June, '04, and opened for business on September 25. going into its third full year as a motorcyclist campground, the lodge has five RV sites, five camping cabins a two bedroom camping cabin, four bed bunkhouse and forty one tent camping spots. There is free air, free bike life, free bike wash (do people wash their bikes??)And, she says, "We have the cleanest bathhouse in North Carolina"

For motorcyclists, it is what Fred intended, a home on the road.

family , friends.........VROC .

The final price is paid as we mourn a Husband , father and friend , lost tous for we look into our heart's in fond remember'ance , the price of livinglook's to high but one only has to look around at the assembled to see atrue value.....The fine legacy that Fred's left behind in each and everyoneof us , high-lighted by the very real sadness we feel today.

Fred was a man with a dream ~!!

One he shared with Moe and together they turned a little piece of this earth into ..home.

They had the courage to reach out and grasp it, with the vision alwaysa'fore . Fred with Moe aside, achieved a living testament that many of ushave enjoyed and will enjoy in the years to come.To many , Kickstand Lodge has become a second home , a place of peace and joy given not by the land but by the sweat and toil that was invested . Adown payment in time that's being paid off many times over, by the warmth of smiles . Mirror's each and everyone of them to the heart we've shared .

One half of that heart is now lie'ng be'stilled...the other beat's on carrying forward the vision.To me ,if I ever needed reminding of Fred's grace, it's the way hestood tall as he prepared to make his final payment. In quiet dignity heaccepted the cards as they fell from fates hand and while the illness ravaged his body it never withered his spirit . He shared amidst us his wealth by sprinkling humor upon us like the fine'ist of Jewels ,.his wisdom and the most precious of all........friendship ~!

His laughter rings on........In the hollow's of time.....there will be another tomorrow , one to whit aglance into God's eye's will show us a vision.Through the clouds and riding the sun-litt sky's of ever , is a club we'llall join when we 've paid our fare....Look a little closer.... for there together , returned into the warmth ofNatures embrace.Wolfman ,Sphincter and Kegs.......Capt'n and now Fred , forever chasing awinds tale ,beard's a'flowing and alight'n a glitter'n trail of mirth~!Gods orchestra is playing music for the ear's of Angels , a symphonyconducted by a throttle hand upon the perfect corner.....listen !as with the sweet promise of a lovers carr'ess to the thundering roar of full throttle....laughter laying a'strewn behind them full of the promise,s , kept...Within the cycle's of sunsett's , thu glance's the rear-view mirror..Road markers standing tall , tell'n not of miles or places my friends for there is no longer any , these markers show the memories within all of us .....* we * are the sign's along the way , proudly showing Fred's highway.

Fred's got his rear pegs down , rear seat ready .......a glint in hiseye ~!Be in no hurry Moe for time's on his side now and await he will....Farewell Fred....God's speed to hither ~!!

Photos by "Chunk" Kiesling and Glenn "Guns" Springer


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