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Friday, April 14, 2006


I published my first photograph in the August, 1968, on the cover of Black Belt Magazine, and I didn’t get paid for it. It was my introduction to working for publication.

In the intervening years, I photographed and wrote magazine features, photographed, wrote and produced educational filmstrips (you’ve gotta be old to remember those) covered news and features for Associated Press, syndicated features internationally, and spent eight years working for a Norwegian tabloid.

Now we have “Blogs” and I am at this stage of my life looking at a whole new world of cyber-communications. It is probably the single greatest advance in communications since the invention of ink, and I am part of it with this very modest blog.

Where am I going? I haven’t the slightest idea, but the sub-heading probably says it best. To ride a motorcycle is to travel, (why else have one, right?) so will be focused primarily on domestic US motorized travel, American places and people. Think of me as a low rent Charles Osgood. I intend to publish every Sunday morning, and I will try and put out some interesting copy and photographs. As I master the ever-changing technology, I hope to improve the content and its presentation for your enjoyment.
People have said that I’ve had an interesting life, but this will not be about me.

It will be bout those places and those people who I find interesting. They are the real story, and I will try and show some of them here. You will not find any politics or sex here, and nothing that your grandchildren can’t read over your shoulder on a Sunday morning.

There won’t be any Social Security, Medicaid or any advice on growing old gracefully, especially since I do not intend to do so. As I find them, I will post those links under the Service Links to your right.

Which brings me to The Pitch. Over to your right, I have advertisers that are necessary for the economic survival of this thing. It’s an interesting business model and another path that I’m taking. If you connect to any of these advertisers from this site and buy something, I get a commission; it’s as simple as that. The stories are free, as long as you don’t copy and publish them yourself, which is a no-no.

Starting from my base here in the Hudson Valley, we will tour local, northeastern and regional roads, to see those places and meet those people. We will visit a seven million dollar castle, mine for diamonds, float on a canal, participate in the French & Indian War, slip those surly bonds of earth and do whatever it is I decide to do. We will expand to the southeast and Florida, and hey, who knows, wherever I decide to go. It should be fun.
So, throw your leg over the saddle of life, and let’s follow my front wheel. It should be an adventure. Join me.


  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger PodTrippin said…

    Warren - awesome! I love bikes and think they are so cool. Keep posting.



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